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VRX is a multi-function speech-to-text system, supporting three recognition modes. Each mode is suited more towards specific applications. It is not necessary to choose a specific mode when licensing VRX as all three are available for each license. If you are unsure as to which method is best suited for your application, the experts at Verbyx are happy to help.

Context Free Grammar

Ideal for telephone IVR, Human-in-the-loop simulation, and command & control.

Key-Phrase Detection

Ideal for high-speed processing of video and audio, and call analytics applications.

Statistical Language

Ideal for audio transcription, video subtitling and call-analytics.

License Types

Choose the license type that best suits your business model.



  • Suitable for single audio streams. Ideal for applications such as IVR, dictation, simulation or command and control. Processes audio in real time.
  • Supports CFG, Key-Phrase & Statistical
  • Real-time processing only
  • Per-port license
  • Perpetual license or billed monthly


  • Best suited for processing large volumes with short turnaround. Determine how many hours you need to process and buy accordingly. 
  • Supports CFG, Key-phrase & Sttistical
  • Fast-time processing
  • Single license = unlimited ports
  • Purchase audio processing hours

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