Verbyx VRX ASR

Verbyx VRX is a multi purpose, high performance, standards based, speech-to-text technology, that is ideal for Telephone IVR, human-In-the-Loop simulation, Command & Control, audio and video transcription. call analytics,  gaming and key-phrase spotting applications.

Custom Solutions

The Verbyx team excel at developing custom speech recognition technologies and functions. When the solutions you need can't be found in existing ASR systems, you need Verbyx on your team. If you have a speech recognition problem you have yet to resolve, let Verbyx handle it for you.


The Verbyx team has decades of experience in speech recognition science and system design across a broad and challenging range of applications. Members of the team have first hand experience in the use of ASR for complex domains such as aircraft cockpits, human in the loop simulation and call IVR and analystics.

Standards Based Design

VRX is a W3C standards based ASR supporting both SISR and SRGS (XML and ABNF). We have no desire to lock our clients into a proprietary infrastructure. Using standards based technology is the most effective way to protect your investment.


Verbyx can assist you with application design & system architecture, requirements specification & evaluation, language & acoustic model creation, ASR systems performance evaluation, and system optimization. Talk with us about your specific needs.


Verbyx will happily provide our ASR technology "white labelled", allowing you to brand under your companies own name. VRX has both a C++ and C API. MRCP  and custom interfaces can be supported on request. Windows and Linux solutions are available


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Gary Pearson - Chief Executive Officer

Gary is an experienced CEO with 30 years of operations experience in software development, marine transportation and aviation.

Gary Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Shu - Chief Scientist

Dr Shu applies his industry experience and PHd. in Theoretical Physics to developing new approaches to ASR.

Dr. Chang Shu

Chief Scientist

John Sawyer - Chief Technology Officer

The designer of VRX, John has extensive knowledge of software development, math and ASR science.

John Sawyer

Chief Technology Officer

David Dibble - General Manager

With 25+ years of experience, DC specializes in operations and business development.

David (DC) Dibble

General Manager