Who Are Verbyx?

Verbyx are a diverse group of  people with a passion for applying speech recognition, wherever it can be beneficial. 


The development of VRX our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system is the result of many man years of effort from a small and focused team of world class speech scientists and software engineers. The team behind Verbyx have been key players in the development of some of the best known ASR technologies and have developed a number of sophisticated ASR enabled solutions including aircraft cockpit Direct Voice Input (DVI), complex simulation and training systems, IVR deployments, banking applications and automobile voice activation.

Verbyx was born out of the frustrations of exsting ASR offerings that included poor customer support, poor performing technologies, lack of interest from ASR vendors in what we were trying to achieve, and the time consuming and expensive need to work around the limitations of what was available. Verbyx is committed to doing better for its clients.


Gary is an experienced CEO with 30 years of operations experience in software development, marine transportation and aviation.

Gary Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Shu applies his industry experience and PHd. in Theoretical Physics to developing new approaches to ASR.

Dr. Chang Shu

Chief Scientist

The designer of VRX, John has extensive knowledge of software development, math and ASR science.

John Sawyer

Chief Technology Officer

With 25+ years of experience, DC specializes in operations and business development.

David (DC) Dibble

General Manager

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