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Automatic Speech Recognition - ASR

It's time for a new relationship between Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) vendors and ASR solution providers. Verbyx, your new partner for ASR.

Verbyx - It's all about Phonemes

What Do We Offer?

  • World class ASR technology
  • ASR licensing opportunities
  • Language and voice model development
  • Language model (grammar) analysis and tuning
  • Assistance with proposal development
  • ASR advice
  • A sympathetic ear for all of your ASR troubles
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Who Is Verbyx?

who is Verbyx

Verbyx is a team of seasoned ASR professionals that include speech scientists, speech engineers, software developers and experienced business executives. Our team has been involved in the development and evolution of many of our competing commercial ASR offerings. We have designed and delivered complex ASR solutions including aircraft command and control, IVR, automobile and sophisticated simulation and training solutions.

What Does Verbyx Do?

what does Verbyx do?

Verbyx creates, develops and licenses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies and support services. Verbyx refuses to accept that ASR accuracy and usability has reached its limit and we are working to provide you with genuine advances for your ASR products. Verbyx is focused on the science of ASR and the fundamental changes that will come from taking a fresh look at a speech recognition science, a science that has gone largely unchanged for decades.